Exiting Your Auto Lease Early in Allentown

Acquiring an auto lease through an auto leasing agency is an excellent way to obtain the car you desire without having to pay an exorbitant down payment. It is the best option for someone who only wants to have a specific vehicle for a couple of years at a time or might want to buy the vehicle they are leasing in the near future. However, maybe something happens that requires you to exit your lease. Maybe you wish to be released from the auto leasing contract because you cannot make the payments. Many car leasing companies are not understanding when it comes to unexpected happenings in their clients’ personal lives. These business contracts do not allow you a way out if you should experience hardships in your life.

The car leasing agency fully expects you to complete the leasing terms, no matter the situation you are in. If you cannot abide by the agreement, you will have to pay an exit fee to get out of your auto lease, which defeats the purpose of cutting the lease short. Traditional leasing companies do not want to be involved with your personal life. They only want you to honor your end of the leasing agreement and to pay your monthly fee. At Allentown Car Leasing, we will work with you if you choose to exit your auto lease earlier than originally agreed upon. We have several options to help make this transition easier. Talk with one of our professionals and we will discuss your options.

Terminating Your Lease Early with Allentown Car Leasing

At Allentown Car Leasing, we offer a variety of options to assist our customers seeking to end their lease before it has reached term. Most leasing companies do not have the same capabilities because their businesses would probably suffer as a result of an excessive loss in revenue. Their business model is constructed in a manner that is not focused on their customers’ needs. When we developed our business as an exclusive online platform, we wanted our focus to be on the needs of our clients. We will not incur the same losses as other corporations if some of our clients need to terminate their lease early. Our rate to terminate your lease is much lower than the competition. Although most clients, seeking to exit their lease, choose to transfer the ownership.

If you would like to do a lease transfer, we will find someone to take over the lease, wholly releasing you from the contract. Even though our fees for early termination are not as high as other companies, a lease transfer is a better option. We understand that life is not always easy and if you cannot finish your lease, please call us as soon as possible to discuss your options. If you decided a lease transfer is right for you, we will find a buyer within the necessary time period. After the paperwork is complete and they have taken on your lease, you will be free of any further lease obligations. Give us a call at (215)-297-3344 for additional details.