Why Choose Allentown Car Leasing

Allentown Car Leasing formed a professional auto leasing company because we felt strongly that customers across the nation needed better options than those currently set in place. We started our company in an effort to provide a more affordable car leasing service to our customers. We strive to set extremely high standards of professionalism in the auto leasing industry. Some current options for our customers include the choice to buy a vehicle with cash, a loan, or they can lease it. Clients can also choose from a multitude of dealerships or private sellers to acquire a car of their choice.

We understand that leasing a vehicle can seem like a cumbersome and difficult process. We work hard to show our clients that they can trust us to deliver sound advice on auto leasing, lease agreements, and comprehensive automobile information to them every single time. We thoroughly work to address our customers’ concerns and questions in their entirety. By choosing to work with our auto leasing agency, you will have access to a wealth of added benefits, such as discounted leasing rates. Read on for more information.

Discounted Leasing Rates

You would think that even with a large number of vehicle purchasing options that it would be much easier to obtain one. However, for many individuals, this seems to be almost impossible. Obtaining a car through a loan still requires a deposit with a high interest rate on top of the monthly fee. A traditional auto lease has many fees in along with the monthly price.

At Allentown Car Leasing, as a result of our reduced overhead costs, we can bring you unsurpassed car leasing deals in the auto industry. Our available automobiles go for much less than the competition. We will work with you to find the ideal vehicle that meets your needs at an affordable monthly rate. Speak with a professional today by calling (215)-297-3344.

Early Lease Termination

When dealing with a traditional car leasing company in the car leasing industry, if you choose to terminate your car lease before reaching the end of it, you will be charged a high fee to be free of the auto lease contract. This ensures the car leasing agency will receive their payment, but the individual is left with a negative experience. As a result, these clients will probably not return for additional business.

We wish to foster a long-term relationship with our clients. We fully believe it is our responsibility to work with our customers to reach a solution to any problems. If a client should choose to terminate their lease early, we allow our clients to do so without any additional penalties or costly early termination fees.

Lease Return Policies

It has been communicated to us that very often after a client returns their vehicle at the end of their lease, leasing agencies add additional charges as a result of excessive use. The auto leasing companies do not always outline exactly what should be deemed excessive wear and tear. Sometimes these agencies charge excessively simply because they can.

At Allentown Car Leasing in Allentown, we always work hard to be transparent with our policies. We believe in being upfront and will never have any hidden lease return policies that result in additional charges at the expiration of your lease. For more details regarding our policies, give us a call at (215)-297-3344.