About Auto Leasing – Allentown Car Leasing

When you enter into an auto lease contract, you agree to pay a monthly fee for an automobile that you do not really own. Basically, you rent the car until the conclusion of your lease at which point you can choose to purchase it or enter into another lease. The car leasing agency and lessee come to terms on a contract for a specific time period before the vehicle is due back with the car leasing company.

There are many differences between purchasing a vehicle with a loan and leasing a vehicle. The monthly car lease payments are based on the depreciation value of the car. Traditional auto leasing companies typically have restrictions; such as the make and model of the vehicle you may lease or have ambiguous leasing terms. Let us clarify some of the ways Allentown Car Leasing differs from other auto leasing companies.

Car Leasing Rates

Let’s start with our car leasing rates. How is this calculated? If you purchase a vehicle you agree to make monthly payments depending on the price of the vehicle. When you lease an automobile, you only make payments on the predetermined depreciation value of the vehicle until the expiration of the lease and the vehicle is returned. A vehicle that retains most of its value as time goes by will have a much lower lease rate than a vehicle that does not. Even though lease installments are usually lower than loan installments, many individuals do not take the depreciation value into consideration.

Also, some individuals forget to include the additional fees they will spend when considering an auto lease. This explains why their monthly lease payments comes out to more than they originally calculated. Because Allentown Car Leasing operates exclusively online, we have significantly lowered our overhead. This allows us to cut our fees, which works out in the customers’ favor. Furthermore, we fully employ an different strategies in the market to be able to give our clients what they want.

Auto Leasing Terms

If you have ever entered into an auto lease, then you already know that normally the leasing terms are restrictive and unwavering. If the lessee does not follow the rules, then a penalty fee will be applied to their bill. An example of this would be if a client runs over on the mileage, then they will be charged an additional fee for the additional mileage. We understand that customers do not want to be overcharged when their auto lease has expired. Unfortunately, most traditional auto leasing companies only see the bottom line and tend to forget that their current clients help them get there.

When compared to other companies, Allentown Car Leasing has similar auto leasing terms, but we are more capable of accommodating our clients. Since our business platform is exclusively online, we can be more flexible. We can offer premium auto leasing deals to our clients. We strive to be the best in the industry with unmatched prices, flexible car lease agreements, and exceptional customer service. Contact us when you are ready to request additional information on our leasing rates and terms. Call (215)-297-3344 to speak with a professional today!