Infiniti Leasing in Allentown

Infiniti arrived on the automobile-manufacturing scene at about the same time that Acura and Lexus came into the market. Nissan developed Infiniti in order to compete with the European and American luxury auto markets. The launch proved to be exceedingly prosperous as the company began to gain a foothold and a strong customer base began to grow. As time went by, Infiniti began to embrace pioneering innovations in safety and technology.

Infiniti has always been a key player amongst the foremost companies to initiate and employ current sensor based technologies like Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure Prevention and Back-up Collision Intervention. Currently, these features come standard in most luxury automobiles, however Infiniti was among the first to utilize them in their vehicles. Infiniti’s current selection of vehicles are designed for more than comfort and luxury. These vehicles are also designed to emphasize the driving experience. Their SUVs are built with innovative technology that delivers excellent traction and handling that is comparable to other vehicles.

If you are looking to lease an Infiniti, there are many options. Allentown Car Leasing has a wide range of choices; choose from the Q30 Hatchback, Q40 Sedan, Q50 Hybrid, Q50 Sedan, Q60 Convertible, Q60 Coupe, Q70 Hybrid, Q70 Sedan, QX30 SUV, QX50 SUV, QX60 Hybrid, QX60 SUV, QX70 SUV, and the QX80 SUV. Keep in mind that Allentown Car Leasing only offers the newest models. We carry all of the newer models in our inventory for our potential clients to select from. If you would like to lease an Infiniti and want to start the application process, please call us on (215)-297-3344.

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Returning Your Infiniti Lease

We understand the reasons behind individuals give for choosing not to enter a car lease. Many have heard or read terrible reviews, as a result of bad service, from many customers’ after they went to return their auto lease. Many times, as a customer returns their lease, they discover that they have run up additional fees or are charged for excessive wear and tear. Often, they were never aware of these additional fees prior to signing the lease. We are always upfront in our description of excessive use because we like for the lease return to go as effortlessly as possible. The details of our contract are outlined.

We explain everything before the lease is signed to be certain all individuals are in agreement. If there are no misinterpretations from the start of the lease, then at the termination of the lease, there are most likely will not be any issues. At Allentown Car Leasing, we want to end things on a positive note. Furthermore, we are much more giving in terms of usage and do not enforce strict limitations. While this certainly decreases our overall profitability, we prefer to pass along the deals to our clients. Besides, we make up for it because we operate our business platform entirely online, cutting down on most of our overhead expenses. For more information on how to begin the process to qualify for your Infiniti auto lease with Allentown Car Leasing, call our auto leasing experts at (215)-297-3344.