Dodge Leasing in Allentown

Dodge has created an experience unlike others with their diverse automobiles in the United States. If you browse their vehicles to compare the differences, you will take note that none of them come close in similarity. If you look at other brands, their automobiles have carry similarities from car to car, but this is not how Dodge has manufactured their vehicles.

Each Dodge vehicle is distinctively made for a certain type of customer. Many of the Dodge automobiles display prominence on performance and handling, instead of sophistication and comfort. Many are tough and powerful autos. Some are nimble and fast. The Dodge Charger Sedan, Challenger Coupe, and Viper Coupe make the driver’s experience exhilarating.

At Allentown Car Leasing, we carry the complete line of Chrysler vehicles in our inventory, including the Avenger Sedan, Challenger Coupe, Charger Sedan, Dart Sedan, Durango SUV, Grand Caravan Minivan, Journey SUV, SRT Viper Coupe, and the Viper Coupe. For more information on how you can experience the difference with our company, reach out to us and call (215)-297-3344.

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Exiting Your Dodge Lease Early

With traditional auto leasing companies, terminating your lease early can run you as much as if you were still under contract. This is one of the main grievances we hear about other car leasing companies. Occasionally customers cannot make the monthly installment anymore or they just want to trade up for a different car. At Allentown Car Leasing, we are ready to assist you with the process. We work hard to help you minimize your ultimate associated fees.

First we search for a buyer who is ready to take over the remaining lease. We refer to this as a lease transfer. The buyer will complete out the terms of the lease. If this does not seem to be an option, then the ultimate alternative is to simply end your lease. With other leasing agencies in the industry, our customers are stuck paying tremendously high amounts to stop their lease. However, with our agency, our clients pay a portion of the cost. We truly feel that overcharging our clients for seeking to end their lease is ridiculous and unnecessary. Furthermore, as a result of our exclusive online platform and reduced overhead, we have the capacity to give our clients a break in cost. For additional information in regards to terminating your lease, contact us today at (215)-297-3344.

Sign Up for Your Lease Today

If you are thinking about buying a Dodge, then you should take a minute to contact us, and ask about our auto leasing special. Whether you select a energetic Dodge like the Viper Coupe or a vehicle that is more family-oriented like the Grand Caravan Minivan, deciding to go with a car lease gives you many added benefits that other options cannot provide.

Allentown Car Leasing provides several benefits such as low car leasing rates, adaptable policies, and a low down payment. Our online platform has been customized to be user-friendly to allow our clients to complete the application process for their Dodge auto lease in just a few minutes using our online application method. If you have any additional questions, allow an expert Dodge customer service representative help you today. Reach out to us at (215)-297-3344.